Coeur de Lion
Forget stardust—you are iron. Your blood is nothing but ferrous liquid. When you bleed, you reek of rust. It is iron that fills your heart and sits in your veins. And what is iron, really, unless it’s forged? You are iron. And you are strong.

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Let’s take a moment to appreciate my mascot.

I love Coco Rocha. Not just because she’s beautiful, or Canadian or because she’s known by her first name as a result of her success, but because she’s a wonderful human being.

She’s one of the few models in the whole industry who has strong, strict beliefs and she sticks with them. She’s been modelling since she was fourteen, and I love the fact that she’s so damn adamant about what she thinks. 

Coco will not do the following;

cigarettes; nudity or semi-nudity; war, political or over-sexual themes; and lingerie, which means no swimwear because that could make people think she’s willing to do lingerie; and on television - no cursing. She also refuses to work on public holidays. 

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She’s a Jehovah’s witness as well, happily married and an advocate for human rights and the education of young models.

I love how she’s an individual who has climbed to the very top of the modelling food chain, but yet, has not had to leave her beliefs and her values behind. I love that she’s going around letting young models know that they don’t have to go through all sorts of horrible things that they don’t believe in just to get jobs, and start a career. She’s an intelligent woman, who doesn’t take shit.

I don’t even want to be a model, but Coco Rocha is one of my biggest inspirations.

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